Friday, 16 April 2010

Time for a quickie ...

Waiting for an old friend to arrive for lunch so no time other than to say I found this little poem yesterday while I was working. No, really, it was work - research in response to an evaluation brief for a national literature project:
... a creative investigation of ‘place and its accrued layers of meaning in the twenty first century - whether personal, aesthetic, social, historical, political, ecological or spiritual - through a number of artistic commissions in a variety of media, contexts and environments across the UK. It is anchored around the importance of ‘place’ to the enhancement of identity, belonging and creative possibility in life and art, both individually and collectively.
(Arts bollocks some have called it.) It involves the work of a number of writers, artists and photographers including W G Sebald and that chimes so well with my interest in the legacy of war, families, loss, identity, stuff. And going to see I Am Love this evening. How exciting is that? Not exciting that I might win the tender and get to do the work but that there are people out there who are involved in this work and, tangentially, it comes into my sphere. And to be invited to the party is nice too.

Here's the poem...

Who lives only for oneself

Deprives others of oneself
Deprives oneself of others
Atrophies and dies
- Jan Werich.

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