Monday, 10 February 2014

Days when no one should rely unduly on 'competence'

An entire day spent trying to get my research back on track and all I have to show for it is the idea that, in my opinion, Walter Benjamin would have enjoyed blogging.  And if the man says that 'genius is application' then I have applied for it today and not been well-served. So I am retreating to discuss the artfully posed aesthetics of this photograph of Charles James models.  'J'adore' I wrote on Facebook because the setting evoked a sense of French salon elegance.  The muted colours of the shining silk drapery barely clinging to these female forms are a delight to my eyes; they are even echoed in the faded floor coverings.  

Such an appealing image deserves an appealing accompaniment and Puccini's Madam Butterfly will provide it in all its Italian eloquence because 'its expression is entirely meaningful', and as Benjamin wrote:
Si Parla Italiano
I sat at night in violent pain on a bench.  Opposite me on another two girls sat down.  They seemed to want to discuss something in confidence and began to whisper.  Nobody except me was nearby and I should not have understood their Italian however loud it had been.  But now I could not resist the feeling, in face of this unmotivated whispering in a language inaccessible to me, that a cool dressing was being applied to the painful place.
Ah me but this should only be sung in Italian perché quando si vive per l'arte si può sempre essere salvati.


Eternal Spring | Auguste Rodin
There is a leg, perfect in its strength, proportioin and usefulness. 

That leg is unapologetic.  It says, 'see what a man is.'

It walks, it runs, it has muscle, sinew, memory; its structure is transparent. Everything about it proclaims its nature. Darkness defines its shape, protects and connects to its masculinity.  Strength leads eye, mind and body to dangerous places.; pleasure and death.

That leg says, 'look at me, see what I can do, put me to use.  I'll wrap myself around your soft body and forever imprint myself on your life.'

If a leg could talk, that is.

And then I read from Benjamin's essay in praise of Karl Kraus:

'If style is the power to move freely in the length and breadth of linguistic thinking without falling into banality, it is attained chiefly by the cardiac strength of great thoughts, which drives the blood of language through the capillaries of syntax into the remotest limbs.'

Monday, 3 February 2014

Ooh la, la la

Not sure she's in love with anyone beyond the RAC man who's promised to change their clutch and not a great end to a skiing trip but she's used her time wisely.

There's that time thing again...
Go Bonnie

How come?

Paris 2007

Finding time now to make time in the future is so time-consuming.