Monday, 13 October 2014

Worlds in which... half believed possibility

I would take you to Corfu and we would leave the soft white pebbles to lower our bodies into the gently tepid water of the Ionian Sea and laugh at our nakedness like children still.

I would take you to Venice to marvel at its pink water and we would walk and talk about Thomas Mann and see how many red-haired boys we could spot before realising how cheaply we'd sold our intellect.

I would take you to snow-laid Krakow to gasp at the Szopka and we would drink bison grass vodka at dawn before St Mary's Basilica to hear the trumpet call more clearly.

I would cook you sensual food, taking care in its presentation.

I would take you to the top of the hill so you could regard your life below.

I would look keenly at you.

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