Saturday, 23 February 2013

Where do you see yourself?


'In five years' time?, the managing director says over dinner, having just outlined her role in the future of the company, its fifty million pound turnover and how the major utility companies are tracking her work.  Her work.  Her creative work.  'Keep the ideas coming, give me ideas.  They're watching you, they're imitating tomorrow what you're doing today.'

Creativity springs from her like a constant stream of rightness.  It is so much a part of what she is; her sense of zeitgeist, the way she spots the moment and is ready with a creative response.  When Jonathan Jones replied to, 'Who invented art?' his response could have been describing S.  Lyrical, as he speculated that art may be millions of years old:

'If art is as old as that, it probably did not need to be invented.  It is as natural to our species as smiling and running.  And who invented those?'

Well my girl can smile and run and show herself through creativity.  This is to the art teacher who tried to talk her out of training for the fashion industry because she thought she was too shy; paraphrased from Frances Burney, it appeared in S's sixteenth birthday card and it so turned out to be true:

  'You are not, indeed, like some modern young women, to be known in half-an-hour; your modest worth, and fearful excellence, require both time and encouragement to show themselves.  You do not, beautiful as you are, seize the soul by surprise, but with more dangerous fascination, you steal it almost imperceptibly.'
You stole mine the day you were born my darling.  Today you gave me music, the Lumineers.


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