Monday, 3 September 2012

Day #6

My put-togetherness has changed.  I thought I would shrink into myself when I interviewed my aunts but instead I found myself growing.  Maybe it's the food.  They say death is a great leveller but for the narcissist, it's the beach.  We find ourselves at the end of the season with a day to spare at San Elpidio.  Hot sand, blue sky and warm sea.  Fewer mosquitoes than in Milan.  But here on the beach is the 'looky-looky' man.

I find this day of reflection useful.  I've started to write snippets, thoughts, trails.  Every day a new piece of the puzzle is received, I revise my thinking.  Every day a new piece of the puzzle is assimilated, I want another.  I am impatient to find out the next thing.  I know everything is set up to receive the pieces but I must wait.  And there is always the feeling that I want to go back and ask something else.

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