Monday, 13 September 2010

Francesco Napoli II and his 10 Tornesi

A low denomination coin from 1856, the Kingdom of the Two Scicilies, produces a commonplace Italian kitchen utensil, cheaply bought and passed from mother to daughter, but not before it takes on the power of loss...

Dirty grey pastry

Greasily manipulated

In tiny hands

Wooden pole

Unevenly rolling

The sticky mess

Fixed to surfaces

Don’t eat it

It’s not cooked yet

Ravioli cutter

Zigging, zagging,

Wobbly lines

No plan

No aim

Just rolling


Through something soft

It doesn’t have a purpose

Doesn’t go anywhere

Won’t sustain a body

Ting, the wheel

Spin the coin

Feel the weight

Taste the copper

Roll, cut, screw up

Start again

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