Friday, 23 July 2010

La Dolce Vita

What could be sweeter? To drink Italian water in a glass upturned to find the words, 'Made in Italy' perfectly aligned on its base. And the mosquitoes only go to work on angry flesh.

A scoopful of water in a swallow's beak, cutting through the heat of the day, thinly shrieking as it swoops across the pool.

Cafe Meletti at Cafe Meletti with fabulous Anisetta - lips numbed and senses soused against tight-lipped disapproval.

Everyone in dark glasses looks cool, wants to be cool - an uninterrupted view of what they are trying to say.

Then night, fireflies strung together without wires, our frame of reference struggling to comprehend how light can appear without human intervention. A full moon with shadows cast before us, shadows of friends, dear friends.

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